Fresh is Healthy

Eating fresh food is healthy and fulfilling. Today, when the whole world is turning towards fresh and organic food, Choithrams is a step ahead. In fact our Fresh Vegetables and Fruit section, and the Fresh Meat section have received the largest chunk of investment in the supply chain, for the past decade. Right from merchandising, to the actual produce on the stalls, the store exudes freshness. Our task is in fact made easier thanks to our own distribution centre. This is where we manage all sourcing, value-addition and distribution of fresh vegetables and fruits.

By eliminating middlemen, Choithrams procures the freshest stock and along with it a considerable saving that is passed on to you, the end consumer.

Our stock of fresh produce is exhaustive and guarantees customer satisfaction. We stock right from the humble local potato and the popular produce from India to the niche airfreighted organic fruit and vegetables from Levant, Europe, US and Australia.

For convenience, we have consumer packs of a variety of greens like Iceberg Lettuce, Boston, Mix etc. in specially procured breathable bags that help retain freshness. Also available are a variety of freshly cut vegetables, freshly peeled seasonal fruits and easy carry bags of popular fruits and vegetables.