Freshly Baked

The in store bakery at Choithrams fills the store with the homely smell of freshly baked goodies –an assortment of freshly baked bread, cookies, pastries and muffins.

Special varieties of Bavarian whole meal bread, Country style Ciabatta, Heidi bread and many more are available. Granary biscuits, Focaccia rolls, puffs with different delicious fillings, fruit and chocolate cakes and muffins, fresh fruit pastries and cakes are ready to be picked up and savoured. The new range of freshly prepared sandwiches includes sandwiches from Ciabatta, Bagels and Tortillas with fillings that range from cheese and tomato to the exotic freshly cooked spicy soy.

You also have healthy options of low fat sandwiches or gluten free breads that come with quality ingredients and zero additives.