An Environment Friendly Store

At Choithrams, we understand that with success comes responsibility. Choithrams is committed to the environment and the Dubai Municipality applauded our commitment with an award to the Choithrams Safa Park, Jumeirah outlet.

Our "Greener Options"

Alternative to plastics

Choithrams spearheaded the search for alternatives to the plastic bag as early as 1998, by importing reusable jute bags from India. More recently Choithrams is supporting the Dubai Municipality in their drive to cut down the use of plastic and will be selling their jute bags in the supermarkets.

Water conservation

Choithrams has been at the forefront of sponsoring a water conservation program that collects water condensate from air conditioning units and reuses the pure water collected for use in the garden. The same principle has also been employed in the planning of new offices and supermarket locations.

Water conservation was also the result of a pioneering project by the Choithrams Hospital in Indore, MP, India, where they successfully treated effluent waste from the hospital and were able to recycle the clean water for use in irrigation and sanitary cleaning.

Choithrams goes green at the Greens

The new Choithrams store at the Greens is truly a step forward towards an environment friendly store. The store is located in a 20,000 sq. ft building, which was constructed in just 150 days.

Several environment friendly aspects have been woven into it.

  • Illumination: New generation compact fluorescent lamps, which uses only one third of the electricity as normal fluorescent bulbs.
  • Chillers and ovens: Hypersensitive thermostats to save energy.
  • German refrigeration: most energy efficient.
  • CO2 Emissions: All these savings reduce the amount of CO2 emissions, the main gas responsible for global warming.
  • Water Wastage Reduction: The store has been given water based paint finishes and have "water misers", installed to reduce water wastage.

The best Supermarket in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi

Choithrams Falcon Supermarket in Abu Dhabi has been awarded the "Best Supermarket in the Abu Dhabi Emirate" for hygiene and waste management.

Choithrams is also proud of its long association as a founding sponsor of World Wild Life Fund in the UAE.